Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path


Forewarned by Sandra Quinn that the Mr. Plugg and Mr. Scourge meant to do them in, our heroes made plans to take action against them once the Man’s Promise had been refitted at Rickety Squibs. Unfortunately Blackfoot took the opportunity to act as soon as they reached the ship and found the crew resting quietly. He cornered Mr. Scourge alone in his quarters and gutted him with claw and fang. The resulting commotion brought Mr. Plugg and some of the other crewmen to respond. The ensuing battle ended quickly with Mr. Plugg dead and his supporters incapacitated.

Finally an end to the tyranny of the pirates is in sight. Dharak was put in charge of the ship and Kilick volunteered to serve as First Mate. Under this new leadership, the crew will hopefully be upon a better course for the future.

The Grindylow Cave

The party regrouped after surviving the ghouls in the Stockade and journeyed back to the abandoned fishing village to check on their compatriots. Killick, a recent recruit from the legitimate crew of The Man’s Promise, joined Blackfoot and Kiza as they set off to investigate the southern shore of the island for grindylow activity.

On the way they hunted down two of the giant crabs they had spotted earlier. With plans to return the meat to the ship, later.

On the far side of the island they discovered the entrance to the grindylow lair. While the water was at low tide, they entered in hopes of rescuing thier missing shipmates. After several skirmishes with the grindylow’s and a hard fought battle with two Lacedons they discovered the missing crewmembers hung in the central cavern as an offering to a huge mutant grindylow.

The party was able to defeat the creature, but unfortunately one of the crewmembers was beyond saving. Sandra Quinn was battered but alive.

Blackfoot, Kiza and Killick escorted Sandra back to the abandoned fishing village just as the sun was setting.

Riptide Cove Treasure

Island of Ghouls

Went ashore looking for some lost crewmen and supplies.
Found some unpleasant elements.
Seems that the flies here are infected with ghoul fever… gave it to some other shipwrecked folk.
Kiza almost died, Dharak proved handy with the bow.
Definite signs of more grindylow activity.
Will investigate tomorrow.

The Wormwood Mutiny

Session #1


Our young adventurers found themselves in the city of Port Peril, a known safe haven for pirates. As they took in the city life in the Formidably Lady tavern, they were selected by Master Scourge as new crewmen. Separately they enjoyed the spicy food and rum at the tavern. The night disappeared into a haze until they awoke in the hold of a ship with the other new crew members and with nothing other than the clothes on their backs.

After a brief confrontation with Master Scourge and other pirates, the adventurers made their way to the main deck. The ship, Wormwood, was already at sea. Captain Harrigan introduced them to himself and the first mate, Mr. Plugg.

After the introductions and assignment of duties, the crew was called to witness the Keelhauling of Jakes Magpie. The PCs settled in for their first night aboard ship. The next morning there was a gain a small scuffle as 4 of their fellow crew-mates attempted to make them late for their duties. After another brief confrontation the PCs started day two.

They were selected to take care of a rat problem in the bilges. After clearing out the rats they explored and found a few items that can be used or traded or gambled.


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