Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path


Forewarned by Sandra Quinn that the Mr. Plugg and Mr. Scourge meant to do them in, our heroes made plans to take action against them once the Man’s Promise had been refitted at Rickety Squibs. Unfortunately Blackfoot took the opportunity to act as soon as they reached the ship and found the crew resting quietly. He cornered Mr. Scourge alone in his quarters and gutted him with claw and fang. The resulting commotion brought Mr. Plugg and some of the other crewmen to respond. The ensuing battle ended quickly with Mr. Plugg dead and his supporters incapacitated.

Finally an end to the tyranny of the pirates is in sight. Dharak was put in charge of the ship and Kilick volunteered to serve as First Mate. Under this new leadership, the crew will hopefully be upon a better course for the future.


ozzy Blackfoot

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