Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path

The Grindylow Cave

The party regrouped after surviving the ghouls in the Stockade and journeyed back to the abandoned fishing village to check on their compatriots. Killick, a recent recruit from the legitimate crew of The Man’s Promise, joined Blackfoot and Kiza as they set off to investigate the southern shore of the island for grindylow activity.

On the way they hunted down two of the giant crabs they had spotted earlier. With plans to return the meat to the ship, later.

On the far side of the island they discovered the entrance to the grindylow lair. While the water was at low tide, they entered in hopes of rescuing thier missing shipmates. After several skirmishes with the grindylow’s and a hard fought battle with two Lacedons they discovered the missing crewmembers hung in the central cavern as an offering to a huge mutant grindylow.

The party was able to defeat the creature, but unfortunately one of the crewmembers was beyond saving. Sandra Quinn was battered but alive.

Blackfoot, Kiza and Killick escorted Sandra back to the abandoned fishing village just as the sun was setting.

Riptide Cove Treasure


ozzy Blackfoot

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