Crew's Quarters

Life Below Decks

Down here the crew has a chance to put their feet up a bit, think about life and talk like a pirate.

Crew of the Man’s Promise

  • CaptainDharak – Male Undine Sea Singer
  • First MateKilick – Male Buccaneer Pistolero Gunslinger
  • QuartermasterRaith – Male Human Amnesiac
  • Blackfoot Scarletclaw – Male Catfolk Barbarian Rigger – New
    Blackfoot will never willingly accept the life of a pirate and marauder. He waits for the day when he can escape and return to his wanderings. It is just a matter of time.
  • Kiza – Male Nagaji Duelist Swab – New
  • Cook – Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop – Male Human – Friend
  • Kolsair Jones – Male Vishkanya – Assistant Cook – new
  • Owlbear Hartshorn – Male Human – Mr. Plugg’s “pet” – Friend
    Owlbear, is a simple minded man kept more for his brawn than his brains. He normally stays on the middle deck (Area A6) but mingles with the other crew for meals. He does not have any other duties that you are aware of at the moment. -Bested and befriended by Blackfoot.


  • Sandra Quinn – Female Human Besmara Cleric Swab – Friend
  • Rosie Cusswell – Female Halfling Swab – New
  • Tilly Brackett – Swab – From the Man’s Promise
  • Shivikah – Swab – From the Man’s Promise
  • Buck Saltbeard – Male Dwarf Cleric Swab – New
  • Salty Dana Colbane – Male Human Besmara Cleric Swab – New
    Salty Dana has served aboard more than one pirate ship. He is usually the ship’s priest and was once even Captain when the real Captain was struck ill.
  • Crimson Cogward – Male Human Swab – New – Sided with Plugg


  • Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone – Male Gnome Rigger – New – Sided with Plugg
  • Barefoot Samus Toppin – Female Human Rigger – Sided with Plugg
  • Slippery Syl Lonegan – Female Human Rigger – Sided with Plugg
  • Tam “Narwhal” Tate – Male Dwarf Rigger – Sided with Plugg

The Crew of the Wormwood


  • Captain – Barnabas Harrigan – Male Human – Captain of the Wormwood
  • Quartermaster – Cut-Throat Grok – Female Half-orc
  • Sailing Master – Peppery Longfarthing – Female Human
  • Master Gunner – Riaris Krine – Female Human
  • Surgeon & Carpenter – Habbly Quarne “the Stitchman” – Male Human


  • Maheem – Male Human Rigger



  • “Caulky” Tarroon – Female Human – Harrigan’s cabin girl
  • Kipper – Male Human – Mr. Plugg’s cronie
  • Patch Patchsalt – Female Gnome – Mr. Plugg’s cronie

Confirmed Dead

  • Jakes Magpie – Male ? – DEAD (Keelhauled)
  • “Ratline” Rattsberger – Male Halfling Rigger – DEAD (Fell Overboard)
  • Garlthik – Male Human Swab – New DEAD (Hung by Grindylows)
  • First Mate – Mr. Plugg – Male Human – DEAD (Killed in Mutiny)
    Mr. Plugg was the 1st Mate of the Wormwood and directly in charge of the riggers.
  • Master of Arms – Master Scourge – Male Human – DEAD (Killed by Blackfoot)

Crew's Quarters

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