The pirate lords of the Shackles sail from an assortment of outlaw ports, hiding their illicit activities behind the cover of the ravenous Eye of Abendego. Forgotten ruins of the ancient civilization of Ghol-Gan dot the island chain and treacherous coastline, their crumbling stone walls carved with horrible depictions of cannibalism and blood sacrifice. So disturbing are these images that when Chelish explorers discovered these ruins 600 years ago, they marked the region as cursed and haunted on their maps and continued south to found the colony of Sargava.

Before long, raiders began to prey upon the lucrative trade between Sargava and Cheliax, using the countless natural harbors among these islands to hide from Chelish warships. These pirate havens soon grew into small communities that eventually even accepted legitimate merchants and businesses.

Over the past 30 years, the corsairs of the Shackles have enjoyed unprecedented success. All of the Free Captains are skilled at skirting the dangerous fringes of the Eye of Abendego, giving them an easy escape route from less experienced pilots. Foreign powers continue to launch attempts to suppress the pirates of the Shackles, but few meet with any success. The Shackles themselves have endured two major invasions—once by Cheliax and once by Rahadoum—but in both cases the invaders met with disaster, losing most of their f leets to the merciless winds and treacherous currents of the Eye.

The Shackles today consist of a motley collection of bandit and slave ports, where freebooters find safe harbor and trade their ill-gotten plunder with unscrupulous merchants. Their populace is mostly runaway criminals, escaped slaves, and buyers seeking proscribed goods such as drugs, poisons, and other disreputable wares. A powerful Free Captain rules each port, divvying the loot from recent raids and dispensing pirate justice as needed.


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